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About Diana L. Pomeroy

I've been creating art, telling stories and teaching others what I know for as long as I can remember. Born and raised in Southern California with two younger siblings, I'm privileged to have had the opportunities within academia that I did, despite the struggles I have with motor control issues, depression, anxiety and (suspected, undiagnosed) neurodiversity.

I was born three months' premature in Long Beach, California, and was fortunate to receive the care I did in one of the first established NICU's in the USA. I excelled in music, writing, art and language courses-and did well enough in science and math to get by. It wasn't until graduate school that I found a way to use my strengths in writing and creativity to succeed in the geosciences, and my love of teaching has helped me sustain a teaching career that has lasted almost fifteen years.

My special interests include dinosaurs, horses, vintage cartoons, toys and video games (from the 80s-90s, when I grew up), and fantasy worlds like Narnia and Middle Earth. I love to travel to new places (when I can afford it), collect rocks and minerals, I dabble in various religions and belief systems, and I'm of the notion that, as Celine Dion sang, the heart does go on beyond our corporeal existence.

I live with a chatty and energetic 2 year old Russian blue cat named Mochi in Southern California, who is my ESA and dearest companion.

Mochi, a Russian blue cat
Diana L. Pomeroy, a white woman with brown hair, eyes and glasses, seated on a bus with the book Raptor Red


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