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In the enclaves of a continent divided by an inland sea, fossils become sources of elemental magic with the power to heal and bind to their wearers. Those who are called to lead, protect and defend their fellow dinosaurs--Warriors--learn these skills when they are younglings. Iara, an avian, is tasked with becoming a Warriorfeather, and the fossil she discovers throughout her journey--the ammonite--holds far more secrets than answers...

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"Iara's self-doubt holds her back and makes her a reluctant hero...she tries to push back against what everyone tells her is her destiny, it shows that her will is her strongest attribute. I’m excited to see what she does next! I really enjoyed reading this!"

Other Stories-Free Reads

Cait Gordon's Flash Fic Challenge-2020

In 2020, I took part in author Cait Gordon's Flash Fiction Challenge Series. In the challenge, a genre, setting and object were decided on based on a card deck draw, and each participating author had to write a single piece of flash fiction with 1000 words as a result of that draw. Here are the links to all of my entries in that series, for your reading pleasure! Enjoy!

February-Sugar, We're Goin' Down Bustin'
March-The Disappearance
April-Materia medica
May-An Anthrocon Adventure
June-The Arrival
July-Building Things One Brick at a Time
August-Cat and Mouse
September-The Chase is On!
October-The Great Dinosaur Robbery
November-Some Enchanted Evening
December-The Rex Files: The Tower of Terror


Jeffrey Ricker's Flash Fic Challenge-2021

In 2021, I continued the Flash Fiction Challenge Series with author Jeffrey Ricker. Here are all the links to the entries in that series, for your reading pleasure! Enjoy!

January-I Must Be Dreaming
February-The Great Blackout of 1989-also on AO3
March-The Keys to His Heart-also on AO3
April-Raptors in the Kitchen
May-An Unconventional Skiltaire Party
July-Another One Bites the Dust
August-A Hopeless Affair
October-Fields of Gold
November-Just A Hair Late



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